Native App vs Hybrid App Development

The usage of smartphones has increased a lot in the past years which become a reason for developers to debate about native and hybrid application development. Current share of smart phones in the market is nearly 54%.

The availability of affordable smartphones and the internet has made an enormous difference for the people out there. People started depending on the smartphones making it difficult for the developers to choose whether native app development is good for crafting the app or hybrid app development.

Native App  Development:

The native mobile app development is a process that helps in creating apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry. The apps developed on native platform will work only on a particular operating system. This means the developer should create different versions of an app for different systems. The native apps provide optimized performance and they take advantage of the latest technology such as GPS.

Hybrid App Development:

In Hybrid app, one app will be created for different platforms. These means be it iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry, only one app is enough to serve all the purposes.

The hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps together. A single product is enough to work on all the operating systems. These apps may look and feel like a native application, but the fact is that these apps are run by a website.

The languages that are usually used in hybrid app development are CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. It is simply a web-based app that is put in the native app shell and connected to the device’s hardware.

These hybrid apps are cost-effective and almost all the startups and people who are on a stiff budget usually opt for hybrid app development.


Native App Advantages Native App Disadvantages
Smooth in Perforamance Costly in development
Speed Time consuming
High User Experience  


Hybrid App Advantages Hybrid App Disadvantages
Less cost for development Poor in performance
Maintenance is easy Difficult debugging
Less time for development Compatibility / Plugin issues


Hybrid and Native app development
Hybrid and Native app development



If you have a good budget then native app development is better and recommended. In case of tight budgeting hybrid is an option for the app.



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