How to Autocrop and Process Image in UWP Using AForge Libraries

AForge Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools available in AForge.NET framework to analyze images. Aforge libraries are providing the best and simple way to process your images. The main and exciting feature it provides are

1. Resizing
2. Filters
3. Auto Cropping
4. Auto Scaling
5. Levels linear filter, gamma correction, contrast stretch, histogram equalization
6. Texture generators based on Perlin noise
7. Document skew correction
and much more.

More details are available at

You may download a very simple UWP application which I have coded to perform the auto cropping and auto skew an image.

Click below to download.

UWP Image Processing V-1.0 Windows 8.0


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